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LoriRite™ 900gm

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LORIRITE™ FOR LORIKEETS, LORIES & HONEYEATERS is a balanced diet for birds that feed on nectar. Most of the nectar feeding birds are omnivorous. Nectar provides an energy source but it lacks protein. In the wild the protein is provided to the bird by pollen which is consumed at the same time the bird is extracting the nectar from flowers. Most of the Honeyeaters also take insects and small invertebrates. Lories and Lorikeets will also take insects.

LORIRITE™ FOR LORIKEETS, LORIES & HONEYEATERS provides both energy and balanced protein sources which respectively emulates the nectar and pollen eaten in the wild, as well as providing an excellent mixture of nutritional herbs, enzymes, yeasts, prebiotics, essential amino acids, carotenoids, vitamin and trace minerals required for the good health and wellbeing of birds kept in captivity. LORIRITE™ FOR LORIKEETS, LORIES & HONEYEATERS allows for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and helps to maintain a healthy tummy flora as well as providing enzymes for improved digestibility of the major nutrients in the diet. Suitable for maintenance and breeding birds.


LORIRITE™ FOR LORIKEETS, LORIES & HONEYEATERS has a number of essential components and functions as a specialised feed supplement for nectar feeding birds:

Nectar in the wild is composed of a range of sugars, usually glucose, fructose and sucrose, and these sugars vary in both their proportion to one another and their concentration in the nectar depending on the species of plant. Our research on the composition of wild nectars has allowed us to develop a product which emulates the nectar and pollen eaten by birds in the wild.

In addition, LORIRITE™contains a range of multi-enzymes, vitamins, major and trace minerals, organic selenium, prebiotics, nucleotides and key essential amino acids. See the data sheet on LORIRITE™ for information on all the components.


Mix 250g of LORIRITE™ powder with 750 ml of pre-boiled warm water to make one litre of feed solution. This solution can be kept for 2 days in the refrigerator. For smaller quantities mix 25g (1 heaped desert spoonful) in 75ml of pre-boiled warm water. Make and use daily. Can be kept refrigerated for 2 days.

The final feed solution can be frozen as ice cubes and kept for 3 weeks.

It is strongly recommended weighing the product accurately during preparation using a digital scale. These are now freely available and can weigh to 0.1g accuracy.


3ml/10g body weight for birds less than 100g body weight and 25ml per 100g body
weight for birds that are 100g body weight and over. Be mindful that overfeeding can
cause obesity and adjust accordingly.

General feeding guides are as follows:
• Lorikeets: 15 to 40 ml per bird per day depending on bird size.
• Lories: 50 to 60 ml per bird per day depending on bird size.
• Honeyeaters: 5 to 15 ml per bird per day depending on bird size.
• Breeding birds can be fed 25% more than the recommended rates.

NOTE: Some birds may take some time initially to adjust to the product. So for best
results start with a lower concentration such as 10g LORIRITE™ Powder with 100ml of pre-boiled warm water and build up the concentration slowly.

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