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Aviator Harness

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With the Aviator Harness, your bird can leave the home safely to explore the outside world with you! Check out the correct sizing below for your bird

Size Mini (less than 75g) - Budgies, Love Birds, Parrotlets

Size Petite (75g to 110g) - Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Kakariki Parakeets

Size X-Small ( 110g to 190g) - Quakers, Senegals, Sun Conures

Size Small (190g to 425g) - Timneh Grey, Pionus, Galah Cockatoos

Size Medium (425g to 600g) - Congo Grey, Eclectus, Umbrella Cockatoos 

Size Large (600g to 1kg) - Blue and Gold Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, Scarlet Macaw

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